John 14:16, And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever.”

Have you ever been in a tough situation and said to yourself, “I just wish I had an expert to talk to about this and get their feedback?”  Maybe you felt you needed a “marriage expert” during a rough patch in your relationship with your spouse, or a “family expert” to get through to your kids, maybe a “financial expert” the last time you needed to make an important decision, or even a “life expert” when you felt overwhelmed with your daily grind?  If you answered “yes” to any of these challenges, Jesus’ promise of sending a Counselor is for you!

Jesus in the above verse promised that after He left for heaven He was going to send the third person of Trinity to be with all believers.  The Person of God He is referring to as the “Counselor,” is the Holy Spirit.  And not only is the Holy Spirit our Counselor and expert for all things spiritual, but also for everything practical in our daily lives.

Think about how privileged the disciples were to always have Jesus around to ask Him all their questions.  And now imagine how freaked out they must have been when Jesus said He was going to leave them and go back to heaven!  However, Jesus was clear that they weren’t going be sad for long, because He was going to send them the ever-present Holy Spirit to abide in them forever.  And not only was the Counselor for them, but also for all the disciples after them.

Isn’t that awesome to think about?  Jesus wanted all believers for all times to have the exact same relationship with Himself that the original twelve had.  Hence, the reason for Jesus asking the Father to send the Holy Spirit to be with the disciples forever and be their Counselor.  Therefore, every believer, no matter how old they are or where they live has an expert in all things living on the inside of them!

As a result, take some time today to consult with your expert, the Holy Spirit, about all the plans and purposes He has for your life.  You’ll never feel under equipped again!


What advice do you need today in your life?


  1. Ask God the Father in the name of Jesus for the Holy Spirit to reveal the answer to a tough situation you are facing.
  2. Seek God’s Word to have the advice confirmed.
  3. Act on the advice and when it works out for good, be sure to give God the praise!