John 8:36, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

There is an old story about a traveling salesman from the city driving out into the country trying to gain some new costumers.  As he was driving down a dusty gravel road he saw a dog running next to his car doing flips and rolling on the ground with tremendous joy.

He thought it might be a circus dog or even some kind of show dog, however, as he slowed down he could see it wasn’t a show dog, but rather it had scars and a slight limp.  Fascinated by the strange site he decided to pull over and have his lunch watching this very unique country dog.  A few moments passed by and the salesman noticed an old farmer come by and give the dogs it’s food and water.

The salesman spoke up and said, “Excuse me sir, I’ve been here watching your dog do all kinds of tricks- how’d he learn to be so acrobatic?”  The farmer replied, “I was out checking my rabbit traps one day in the woods and I heard this terrible sound coming from a distance.  I went over and found this dog bleeding and tied to a tree left to die.  So I set the dog free, cleaned him up, fed him, and brought him home to live with me and he has been jumping and leaping ever since!”

When Jesus found you, you were just like that ole’ country dog.  Tied to the tree of sin, left by the devil to die, and beat up by this world.  However, Jesus set you free so you could live a new life filled with joy, peace, and abundance.  Therefore, don’t let your current troubles or issues bring you down.  Remember who you were before you met Jesus and start praising Him for your freedom.


Are you living free from sin?


  1. Search your heart to see if any sins are trying to tie you to your past.
  2. Confess and repent of all sins you find.
  3. Return to the joy of your salvation and rejoice in the freedom Jesus has given you!