Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

God’s four main priorities for your life are; (1) Faith, (2) Family, (3) Function and (4) Fellowship. In today’s passage Jesus corrected the wrong priorities of people in the world. For example, many people place their need for food, clothes and shelter- even providing for their family above God’s Kingdom. However, when they die, even if they gained those things, plus the whole world, they profit nothing because they forfeit eternal life and will spend eternity in hell (Matthew 16:26).

Jesus taught us that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness because He knew that everything else would fail in the end.

First, God’s Kingdom is the reign of Jesus Christ as King in your life. There is room for only one person on the throne of your heart. Who will you let rule your life, you or God? Second, seeking “God’s righteousness” means, “to always do the right thing according to God’s Word.” If it’s not blessed in God’s Word, it’s not right, no matter what culture or others say. Therefore, when the disciple seeks God and His righteousness, all that he or she does in life will be in order.

When God created Adam and Eve their first priority was their faithful relationship to Him. Second, was their family, i.e., “their marriage.” Third, were their functions upon the earth- naming the animals, working in the garden, etc. Fourth, was their fellowship with others (eventually their friends).

Today, every disciple should follow the same priorities. First and foremost, the Christian’s faithful relationship to God should always be number one. This includes private prayer, study of God’s Word, going to church, being a living witness and living obedient to all of Jesus’ commands. Second, the disciple must be committed to their family. If you’re a child- obey your parents; if you’re married- love and honor each other; and if you’re parents- care and provide for your children.

Third, each person should serve the community by performing a function. Every community needs reliable and skilled workers to make the quality of living good for all and promote human flourishing. Remember, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Fourth, we should have godly friends that we can fellowship with in our daily lives. Our times of Christian fellowship provide emotional refreshment, encouragement and edification.

We need to reprioritize our lives and do life God’s ways. Shelton Smith said, “We need a sweeping revival where people confess their sins and get right with God, where folks turn out in bigger crowds at the church house than they do at the ball game, and where the old-time religion still gets top priority!” We have too many people pursuing sports, entertainment, money, fashion, materialism and “the good life;” it’s time we seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness so that everything else will be blessed!


Do you have the right priorities in life?


  1. Repent if you have had the wrong priorities in life.
  2. Seek God first in all you do.
  3. Always do what is right according to God’s Word!

One Year Reading Plan

Ezra 10:1-44, 1 Corinthians 6:1-20, Psalm 31:9-18, & Proverbs 21:3. Click here to read online.