Colossians 3:9, “Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices.”

Current studies show that the average person lies between 1-2x a day (and who actually knows if these numbers are true because people might have been lying).  Some people lie to make themselves look better than they actually do, “I make around $100k a year,” (when they only make $65k).  I even know certain pastors and evangelists that do this too, “We’re running 5,000 people,” (when really only 2,500 come every Sunday).

Some people lie to avoid conflict; “I didn’t say that about you- whoever said that was lying,” (when its true they gossiped).  Other times lies are told in business to take advantage of people, “Trust me, this engine will last another 100,000 miles,” (when the used car dealer knows it probably wont last more than 25,000 miles).  Politicians have a bad reputation in the US of lying to the voters and even breaking the laws they were sworn to uphold, “I swear I never took a bribe,” (when they know they did).

People can lie in everyday life when they say they will call somebody and don’t, “Great seeing you- I’ll call you later this week,” (when they have no intention of doing so).  Or on the job when people call in sick but really just want a day off.  Sometimes people even lie in church- even some pastors have stolen money, cheated on their wives, and pretended as if everything was okay.

What is the solution to the “lying epidemic?”  Being honest!  If you have been born again Jesus has changed you on the inside and taken away your old self with its sinful practices.  Therefore, there is no excuse to lie.  Every time you are tempted to lie make the conscious decision to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth- so help you God!

Do you struggle with being honest?  If so, pray this out loud, “Father, forgive me for the lies I have told and the people I have affected.  Please give me the strength to be honest and always tell the truth. Amen.”


Do you live a life of honesty?


  1. Repent to God for the lies you have told.
  2. Confess your lies to the people you have lied to (ask for their forgiveness and commit to not lying moving forward).
  3. Be led of the Holy Spirit to live a life of honesty in all you say and do.