Proverbs 2:12, “Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse…”

Have you ever thought about how wisdom saves you from harm in your every day life?  When you apply wisdom to stop at a red light in your car- your life is spared from getting hit by oncoming traffic.  When you use wisdom to eat eatable foods and avoid eating and drinking poisonous things like bleach and washing detergent your life is spared from food poison.  Also, when you don’t touch the burning stove, gulp down hot coffee, or run with scissors- your life is saved from danger and injury.

Now have you ever thought about how God’s wisdom saves you from the ways of wicked men who pervert and change the ways of God?  For example, when you follow Jesus’ wisdom and are born again you are saved from the ways of such atheists like Richard Dawkins and eternal damnation.  When you use wisdom and give tithes and offerings, you are spared from God’s curse on the greedy like was upon the wicked Ananias and Sapphira, Acts 5.

Therefore, when you use God’s wisdom found in His Scriptures, your life is saved from the ways of wicked men whose words and ways are perverse.  Another way of saying it is, “Everyone is following somebody, who are you following?”  Some people base their life and values after what great businessmen teach.  Others base their lives off of what religious leaders teach.  Some people even live their lives based on what Oprah says!

In the end, it doesn’t matter what person you’re following because if they’re not teaching the wisdom found in God’s Word it is a perverted way.  Jesus taught the path to destruction was wide and many are on it, however, the path of life is narrow and few travel on it- you must walk on the narrow path, Matthew 7:13-14.

Make a decision today to follow God’s wisdom- for it will save you from destruction and needless suffering.  God’s ways are always the best ways!  Wisdom is better than folly.


Do you want to follow the ways of God or man?


  1. Commit daily to reading your Bible and receiving God’s wisdom.
  2. Reject any advice or “so-called” wisdom that is against God’s Word.
  3. Thank God for His saving wisdom!